New blog in development


Welcome to Create Health blog, please follow us. This is a new blog in development –
linked to – Total Wellbeing blog.

Admin by writer, artist, and therapist Julia Woodman – based in Dorking, Surrey, UK,
but working online globally via and other sites.


Hi, I’m a writer, artist, and therapist, and am passionate about sharing knowledge as I learn.
I hope to inspire & empower others to live healthy and fulfilling lives, and to help provide
access to information and tools to enable them to maximise this potential.

I am creative (professional poet and artist, plus writer of articles, blogs, & various types of book).
I am also a therapist (healer, counsellor, life coach, stress consultant, nutritional therapist).
I am a dowser or diviner too, and very interested in consciousness and philosophy.
I teach meditation of many types and create guided meditations to suit people’s needs.

Subjects vital to me are truth and freedom, human and animal rights, sustainability, environment and everything natural, peace, heart, mind, body, and soul, local & global community, subtle activism, relationships & communication, health, nutrition, and much more (as I am interested in most things, and particularly anything relating to any of the above).

Create Health – Empowering YOU


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