A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing


I take a holistic approach to Life and Wellbeing. Everythingis interlinked – our minds, our bodies, and our spiritualselves. I’ve helped people of all ages, from a wide varietyof backgrounds, each with different experiences andperspectives, and each reflecting what life is like for them.

Our beliefs, attitudes, and emotions all affect our physical health. We can easily learn to slightly change the way welook at things, and do things, in order to increase our senseof wellbeing. Becoming more aware of our options gives ushuge power to then choose how we want to live.

Of course I focus on the areas people want to focus on, but it’s important to consider the broader picture, otherwise we are in danger of just patching symptoms. We need to look at lifestyle, work-­life balance – how we treat ourselves and each other, whether or not we are happy in our relationships and in what we are doing. All these add up to present a picture of where we are at the present moment; and it is only by looking at the whole spectrum that we can really get to the root of things.

This is why I’ve done a range of training – from healing, to counselling and stress relief, to life coaching, and more. I aim to help each person find their way back to balance –empower them to find what works for them personally, and give them the confidence and the tools to enable them to progress as they wish.

Stress is a prime example of how distress about a situation can manifest itself in a very physical way. We can soon see if changing the situation is a possibility, or if we can make small changes in our approach, to help us deal with it better. Even if we choose to stick with something challenging, we feel much more empowered, because we’ve looked at the how’s and the why’s, then made that choice in a very aware way. We no longer feel at the mercy of the situation ­ and our reactive emotional responses to it. With this clarity, things can be turned right around to become a success story.

We are all, in our way, trying to make sense of life. We can easily become caught up in a chain of events and reactions, yet if we become aware enough to understand ourselves,then we can take a very different, and more objective, approach to life – appreciating the beauty and variety in it – the amazing way things work – taking our chances to be theunique individuals we are, choosing what we wish to experience.

As a Life Coach, I can help you decide what you want to do and plan how to achieve your goals in a very practical way. My pdf “1 step, 2 step, 3 …. Life Coaching to help you Achieve” explains in more detail how my life coaching service works, and I have Life Coaching Tools also available – which give you the guidance and the forms to use if you’d like to do this for yourself, but I can help motivate and support you.

As a Counsellor and Stress Consultant, I can help you deal with any issues. Emotional baggage can set you back, but I can help you let it go. We sometimes get in our own way, allowing fears to sabotage our attempts to progress, but I can help you move on, and feel comfortable with yourself, and others. Effective communication is vital, whether itbe at work, or with family, children, or friends. I can also help with relationships and any changes or situations at home or at work, or with your studies.

I have written articles that cover many aspects of living holistically – about self empowerment and self confidence, creativity, communication, parenting, and about stimulating young children, and helping teenagers grow and develop into adults. Also articles about dealing with depression, addiction, and stress, about sexuality and relationships, and about our spiritual balance, and our place and purpose here on earth. All of it is part of our life experience – of our being whole.

I also have guides such as “Confirming your Joy”, “Stress Busting”, Meditation, and many more – available via my website.

Meditation is a wonderful tool that we can integrate into our lives to give us inner strength. We all have a connection to that still ground of being that we originate from ­which gives us consciousness and life, and a fundamental sense of peace … which is also reflected in a sunset, the surface of a lake, or the view from a mountain top. If we have forgotten our link to this, and thus our interconnection with everyone and everything, then we can feel very lost. Awakening to it once more is the most wonderfully joyous feeling, like coming home into open arms, where you feel supported, and safe.

In an article about Loving our Bodies and our Lives, I discuss how we can love the physical side of life, then say: “It’s more than just the physical that we can love. I advocate total mind, ­body, ­spirit balance if you want to really make the best of life,and give yourself every reason to love yourself, and your interaction with the world around you.”

We need to find ways to stimulate our minds, and have fun at the same time. We also need to make life satisfying and meaningful. And we need to be creative with our lives,as well as developing practical skills, and using our minds as tools. We should take time to notice and enjoy details – about nature, and the world around us – about ourselves, andhow our minds and bodies work ­ and we can learn new things, all of which enhance how we live.

So, I encourage you to think holistically rather than putting too much emphasis on one area ­ try to optimise your overall life experience. Loving it all means that you cannot help loving yourself because you are part of it.

Having spent my life doing many different things – always learning what I wanted to know ­ I would now love to be able to share that with you ­ through my books, articles, blogs, and downloads, and by working directly with those of you who contact me via phone or email. Of course, I will continue to learn more as I go … the journey always continues.

Julia Woodman – Life Coach, Counsellor, Stress Consultant, and Writer.Advice & Support is available via phone, post, or email. http://www.radiance-solutions.co.uk


Julia Woodman
Life Coach, Therapist, Writer

A counsellor, stress consultant, life coach & writer, Julia offers support & advice to help resolve issues, cope with change, or achieve goals. Also nutrition, meditation, relationships, communication, empowerment, poetry & art.


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